Tuesday, March 2, 2010


A little taste of colour to cleanse the palate.
I'm still very apprehensive of my colour skills; I know it's all about practice but just bringing myself to do it is the real chore.
Here's my entry into a contest on another site. No one won because it was all a fake!
As Stephanie Tanner (from ABC's FULL HOUSE) would say: "How rude!"


Here are some pages from my sketchbook. I've always been more comfortable putting pencil to paper and now, after three years of sketching with a ball point pen in my sketchbooks, I'm more accepting of the unforgiving nature of the pen.
If it looks like a lot of these people are sleeping or looking down like they're reading it's because they're passing the time while the GO train makes its way into Toronto. Someone once commented to me that it's kind of creepy that I'm watching and drawing someone unawares -- never really thought about it in that respect and I try not to whenever I open my sketchbook. The thought would only jinx me and nothing but crap would show up on the page ... at least that's my theory.