Friday, April 30, 2010


Our graduating class was given the opportunity by our school to showcase our talents in an anthology. Basically the deal was they would foot the bill for printing as long as we came up with the content. I know what my strengths are and it's definitely not on the writing side of comics ( sitting in my Cinematic Storytelling class trying to come up with the million dollar pitch in 10 minutes was akin to me trying to give spontaneous birth to kittens. Four words: Im. Pos. Si. Ble. ). Thankfully, my classmate Anthony has tons of tantalizing tales swimming in his noggin for me to put my graphite spin on. A simple premise: villianous No-Face is thwarted in his plans to steal the staff of Anubis and rule the world by our hero The Wraith.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


A two page assignment for my Advanced Pencilling class. The scenario: a Jedi finds him/herself up against two robots. The parameters: the Jedi's hair is tied up but during the battle comes loose, at one point the action must take place ascending or descending a set of stairs. Man, those stairs I drew are just pitiful!

Please, just look away!


Just to add some colour to this goulash that is my blog here are some paintings that I don't grimace or cringe at when I look at them. I want to be a better painter
( yes, I know, it's all about practice! practice! practice! but in this world of instant gratification I want to be great NOW! ) ... someday.


Assorted work from life drawing classes throughout our last year of school -- that's right; it's official! I am now a professional starving artist!