Thursday, October 28, 2010

Alice and her Chains - Check for Brains

I had to come up with a print for the Hallowe'en events I'll be attending with Spent Pencils Studios tomorrow (Oct.29) and Saturday (Oct.30).
Of course, the usual ideas of superheroes battling zombies or your favourite hero turning into one of the undead came to mind, but I felt they'd all been done before (and by far more talented artists than me). Since I like drawing pretty ladies there was no question that one would be present and I didn't want her to be afraid but in control of the situation - it didn't hurt that this song came up while I was sketching this out
(please forgive me, Alice in Chains, for the liberties I took with your band name and song title).

And what would Hallowe'en be without a witch?
Scarlet Witch of The Avengers.

Friday, October 22, 2010

ColErase Blue: an affair to remember

Just some random sketchiness to pass the time. The nice thing about drawing Invisible Woman is you don't have to finish if you don't want to -
her powers give you an easy out! :P

Iron Fist was done in the first few hours of FanExpo before I started to get really busy with commissions. He's always fun to draw, especially full-on high collared, ballet slipper-wearing Iron Fist!
Are you going to tell the invincible champion of K'un-Lun that he looks like a sissy?
Yeah, didn't think so.

Zombie studies because I've never drawn them before and I'll be at two Hallowe'en events at the end of the month: Stadium Comics in Brampton on Oct. 29 and Silver Snail in Toronto on Oct. 30 (Click here for details).
Come visit me so I can show off my mad zombie-drawing skillz!

Invisible Woman

Iron Fist

Zombie Studies

Friday, October 15, 2010

ColErase Blue: you complete me

Trying to stay true to my word and updating at least once a week. Just a couple of drawings from my sketchbook continuing my love affair with the blue ColErase pencil.


The Herculoids

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Empty Pot

I did a couple of illustrations for a children's story titled "The Empty Pot".

The Reader's Digest version: the Emperor needs an heir to the throne and decides to hold a contest to see, out of all the boys, who has the greenest thumb; that boy will be his successor. One boy, known by all as the Gardener for his skill with plants, is very excited by this prospect. Seeds are handed out to all the boys, plants are growing steadily except inside the Gardener's pot. Dismayed, he repots the seed, tends to it diligently but to no avail. Judgement day arrives and as the Emperor looks out at all the plants he is not pleased. He spots the sad Gardener with his empty pot, puts his arm around him and declares him to be the new ruler. The Emperor states he is not sure what everyone has grown in their pots for he handed out boiled beans!

It was recently published in REAL: The Canadian Kids' Magazine so now I can say that I'm officially a published artist (I kinda like that... it has a nice ring to it). Now that the issue is out I can show the fruits of my labour. Erica, the magazine editor, has kindly thrown more work my way which I will showcase here once the issue comes out.
This was done in pencil and watercolours.