Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Harley Quinn Print

On February 6, I attended the Toronto Comicon one day convention sitting with the fine gentlemen of
I had got it in my head to come up with some art that would make its debut at the show -- but which character?
Choosing the subject is always so hit and miss but this is how I approach it: the target demographic at cons are mostly guys and they like seeing female characters in sexy costumes;
not all, but most
(if I'm lying or my logic is flawed then someone
please correct me).
Despite her popularity I've never drawn Harley Quinn before and before you get your panties in a bunch, yes, I know that's not her regular costume; just thought I'd have some fun with a
slight redesign.

If I've done my job properly, something in the artwork catches the conventioneer's eye, draws them in and fills them with an overwhelming urge to peruse my portfolio. I dazzle them with some witty repartee and a few minutes later they're the proud owner of one of my prints or a sketch...
at least that's the theory.

My drawing table - watercolours and
correction fluid pen at the ready

Lineart in blue ColErase pencil

Lately, I've been getting a kick out of the female conventioneer who sees my art, runs up to my table and tells me that's the character they dressed up for on Hallowe'en and they really like how I drew her. I can find no greater compliment than when a woman tells me that, essentially, I've drawn all
the lady parts correctly.