Thursday, June 30, 2011

BLACKSAD at Spitballin'

Last week was Blacksad week at Spitballin' courtesy of yours truly (it was my pick I'm proud to say). There isn't anyone I've met that doesn't just gush over Blacksad - yes, it's that awesome and you'd only be doing your eyes a favour by going out and getting yourself a copy. Do it RIGHT NOW!

Still getting the hang of digital colouring and I'm really happy on how this one turned out. At the risk of stating the obvious, I really have to work on my backgrounds! Lots of different takes on the character by many talented artists at Spitballin' - I'm simultaneously honoured and terrified to be in the group!
True story.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

HARLEY QUINN at Spitballin'

This week's character choice at Spitballin' is Harley Quinn from the Batman family. I figured everyone would be drawing the red and black costume so I thought I'd change it up and sketch out her costume from the video game Batman: Arkham Asylum.
I was really impressed with the character designs they did for the game and hate to admit that, even though I've owned the game for a couple of years now, I still haven't beaten it.
Everyone either loves or hates Harley (I fall into the "loves" camp) and you have to admit, it's pretty impressive that a character that was created for Batman: The Animated Series made it into comics continuity.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

KRAVEN at Spitballin'

Last week was Kraven the Hunter week over at Spitballin'. I got an anatomy assist from Marcus To, current artist on DC's Red Robin, which made the pose so much sweeter. Thanks Marcus!